VEE DN 10-50


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VEE DN 10-50

FIP and Giugiaro Design designed and developed VEE Easyfit, the innovative True Union ball valve with union nut tightening control, that permits simple and safe installation for reliable service in time.

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• Patented Easyfit system: innovative mechanism based on the principle of the bevel gear pair that controls valve union nut rotation during installation.
• Connection system for solvent weld and threaded joints
• Valve material compatibility (PVC-U) with water, drinking water and other food substance conveyance according to current regulations
• Easy radial dismounting allowing quick replacement of O-rings and ball seats without any need for tools
• PN16 True Union valve body made for PVC-U injection moulding and European Directive 97/23/EC compliant for PED pressurised equipment. ISO 9393 compliant test requirements
• Short face to face dimension according to international regulation ISO 7508 series III and European regulation EN 1452 ”short” and fully interchangeable with previous VE series models
• Option of dismounting downstream pipes with the valve in the closed position
• Floating full bore ball with high surface finish made in CNC work stations to achieve precise dimensional tolerance and high surface finish


  • Two position Easyfit ergonomic multifunctional handle with union nut tightening control which can be used to adjust ball seat carriers. Handle use is especially indicated for maintenance work where space is limited and hard to access

  • Settings for the customisable Labelling System using the LCE module (available as an accessory). The grey protection plug housed on the handle can be replaced with the transparent plug and customisable tag holder with the LSE set (available as an accessory). The customisation lets you identify the valve on the system according to specific needs

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